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Shahwan Sethi dabbled in the fashion designing for few years and has a passion for fashion. He believes in innovation and intends to spread new modes of fashion. The brand, “SHAHWAN SETHI”, was founded by him in the year 2009 but formally launched through a newbie in the fashion world through his debut appearance in the International Fashion Week Dubai 2015. SHAHWAN SETHI is the rising fashion designer from Pakistan who designs outfits more than just to cover up bodies. By profession he is a Dubai based HR Executive but fashion has been part of his life since childhood. He believes in constant improvement and focus on the ever-changing fashion trends and offering beautifully designed apparel with a contemporary twist includes westerns-wear (Dresses/Gowns), Desi-Wear (Bridal/Party/Casual), Abbayas (Traditional/Trendy), and Menswear. SHAHWAN SETHI started his journey of carving a future for himself in fashion industry all by himself. He proved with his brilliance and hard work that everything is possible if you dare to dream. His goal is to be among top designers of the world. Setting new trends and innovating fashion is his aim. His life would have been noting without passion. And his attitude is what irrigates the crops of making him focused and balanced. Not just an eye catching face, but one which radiates intelligence and charm…!




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Innovating Fashion, Creating Trends