Please read all terms and conditions below very carefully to prevent any unfavorable surprises in future. Shahwan Sethi reserves the rights to add, edit or remove any of the terms and condition with or without any prior notice to any of its associates i.e. customers, suppliers and service partners etc.

Products Availability

Any item ordered by the customer is subject of availability. In case of unavailability of any exact product, you will be offered to select an alternate item. If in case you don’t want a replacement, you will get the 100% refund of your order or as applicable* (in exceptional cases*). We,, reserve complete rights to remove or alter any product offering with or without any prior notice to anyone.

Exchange Rates

Currency conversation rate on our website may differ from the other currency conversion services like, google currency convertor etc. because our exchange rates are based on the exchange rates offered by our payment processing agencies.

Order Processing

Specified order processing days & delivery days are working days only. Weekends (Saturday & Sunday in few countries), Holidays & National holidays will remain excluded from delivery timeline whether said or not. So please keep it in mind while placing your order with short deadlines.

Order Security Check

We hold every received order on security check for few hours. If in case we require some additional verification on your order, you may require submitting some additional documents to verify your identity in relation with the credit card/bank information used to make the payment.
These documents includes but not limited to are; Photo Identity proof + Credit Card Statement Copy (FAX/Scan Copy). If you are not comfortable submitting these details, your order will get cancelled with immediate effect and money will be refunded back to source of payment i.e. – credit card/bank account.

Order Cancellation

Normally you can cancel your orders within 24 hours of grace period or until the order is not pushed into processing section. Order cancellation requests received after your order goes into processing, will be subject of deductions as specified into return/refund policy. We reserve the rights to cancel any of the order with/without prior notice.

Cancellation Charges

Order cancellation may or may not be subject deductions. List of applicable deductions are given in return/refund policy. 

Priority Order

A priority order cannot be cancelled once placed because it goes into processing instantly after payment receipt. Cancellation request on priority order will be subject of deductions as applicable or as specified in return refund policy. 


Matching accessories shown with product picture are for illustration & photographic purpose only. Ordered accessories will be best matching with the product. 

Made to Measure Items

Tailor made item (apparels which has been custom stitched according to your supplied measurement) cannot be returned for full refund until otherwise special conditions as specified in return/refund policy. In general, these items can only be corrected/rectified/modified and will be re-shipped to you.

Octroi/Import Duties/Custom Charges

Octroi charges are applicable & levied by your country’s custom department, so you (customer) will be responsible to pay any sort of octroi (import duties), in addition to the total order amount paid at Shahwan Sethi. No Return/ Refund Requests/Chargeback cases will be entertained in such case.

Product Pricing

We reserve complete rights to modify the pricing norm of any of the products & offered services, with or without any prior notice.

Offers & Promotion

We reserve complete rights to start/modify/cancel/applying or, not applying (for any individual order/customer) any of the promotional offer, discount or activity, with or without any prior notice.

Item/Order Not received on time

If you are ordering an item for a specific celebration you should specify a date to receive. we call it DTR (Date to receive). If you are ordering on a strict timeline and your item will go useless after a certain date then you MUST specify it while checkout in deadline information box. Without a mentioned deadline, we won’t approve a return if it doesn’t arrive at your end on your expected date. Shahwan Sethi also protects the rights of customers so we always ask you before delivering any alternative product(s), but don’t bear any claims of bad delivery.

Last-minutes required Changes Made the Item Go Useless for You

We presume that you keep enough time margins before placing an order with us to protect yourself from last minute issues. If an item reaches you and you caught some stitching/fitting issue at the last moment and it causes you not being able to use the item on a specific celebration date, we won’t approve the return or refund or such order.
Because it’s generic understanding that you should have yourself protected some such issues.
However, we can take the item back from you for correction/rectification/modification etc. and we will re-ship the item to you once corrected.

Delivery Un-accepted of New Order

If due to any reason you declined to accept the delivery, it will be subject of deductions as applicable on individual order.

Delivery Un-accepted for Item of Correction

If due to any reason you declined to accept the delivery of an item which was on correction/alteration/modification, you (customer) won’t be eligible for any percentile of refund of order amount, at all.

Offers & Promotion

We reserve complete rights to start/modify/cancel/applying or, not applying (for any individual order/customer) any of the promotional offer, discount or activity, with or without any prior notice.
Until unless specified, no two promotions can be merged together. At a time only one discount or promotion can be applied on order.

Shipment Carrier

We reserve complete rights to use/choose/change any of the shipment carrier/shipping agency for delivery order parcels to customer locations.

Shipping & Returns
Shipping Charges
US/UK/Canada and all other countries:      $19.95 USD/Kg
Pakistan/UAE                                        FREE Shipping
NOTE: During checkout, website calculates shipping charges for you, which should be considered final. Shipping charges are subject to change.

Delivery time (UAE & Internationally)

15-20 Days appx. (Until otherwise a different period is mentioned on product page.)

Tracking Details?

Yes, You´ll get tracking details. So that you can trace movement of your shipment.
For more details, please write to

Return Policy

Easy 30 Day Return Policy*

You can return almost anything**, un-used within 30 days of receipt. All customers will be requested to pay for return shipping. You can ask for exchange or refund for your ordered item(s). Tailor made or, custom designed items cannot be resold/restock, so they can only be returned for repairing/corrections and not for refund. In case of our error, we will pay both way shipping charges for you.

*Return policy & return period may be different for different brands. Standard return policy applies only on ShahwanSethi brand products only.

**Represents the non-refundable items below.

*Non-Refundable Items (Due to No Re-Sell/ Re-Stock Value)

  • Men’s Sherwanis, Men’s Reception Suits
  • Tailor made items (stitched as per individual’s measurements/ specifications)
  • Custom designed items (designed as per individual’s need & specifications)
  • Used items/tempered item

Order Cancellation

  • Normal orders can be cancelled within 24 hours for free. 10% cancellation charges after 24 hours.
  • Priority orders cannot be cancelled. 50% cancellation charges at any time.

Ordering for a Celebration Date?

  • If you are ordering for any specific date or, celebration, please mention your date clearly to remain eligible for cancellation (in case of late delivery).

How to Return an Item?

  • Please obtain a RMA return any item(s).
  • Returning parcel(s) without RMA No. cannot be tracked, resolved or, refunded.
  • Please use a reliable courier service to return a parcel, which provide online tracking feature.

Lost or damaged items while returning back will not be eligible for refund.